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My Story -
From Ranch Manager to Fashion Designer


It all started with a pot-bellied pig & a billy goat.

Growing up with a 'Vogue model" mother was extraordinary to say the least, 

& while I never expected to follow in her footsteps (too short for runway), I certainly

never thought I'd see myself managing a 300 acre ranch in California

with a pig named, Piggy & a goat named, Harley.

My responsibilities on the ranch were not exactly in my wheelhouse:

"Camille - we need some cows, so go buy a few."

Buy?  Cows?  Where?

Having never purchased a cow, I was clueless.  So you know what I did, right?

I 'googled' it.  'Cow store' didn't produce a lot of results, but eventually

I did find a few cows & Mr. Google saved the day.

Driving the ranch in a Kawasaki jeep did strange things to my hair, so

I started wearing baseball caps.  They couldn't, however, be just plain 'ol

caps - I wanted bling!

Unable to find any that excited me, I began blinging up my own, and

the rest as they say, is history.

Hats led to swimwear, dresses, gowns, extravagant headpieces, 

sunglasses & my latest venture into fashion, Tat Bratz,

exciting colorful casual wear with a tattoo-twist.

I'm having so much fun designing for YOU.  If my clothing & accessories

put a skip in your step & a smile on your face, then I've

accomplished my purpose as a fashion designer.

Thank you so much for visiting & I hope you'll check back often,

because I'm always adding new designs.


'Saving you from the Ordinary'

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